Use Google Maps to track accounts

05 Oct

Thank you Sal for this information!  Sal has also created this for some of his reps so feel free to reach out with questions!

These directions will allow you to crate a Google Map with pins for each of your accounts. When you hover over the pins, it will give you some informaiton that you choose about the account. This Google map becomes available on your phone and it can create directions from where you are to selected accounts. A very powerful tool!

Instructions for turning a Customer List into a Google MAP (PDF version with screen shots downloaded here)
1. You must have a google account and be signed in
2. Save the most recent EXCEL version of your Account List to your desktop
3. Go to google.com
4. Click the 9 squares in the upper right hand corner
5. Go to Maps
6. Click the 3 lines in the upper right hand corner
7. Click Your Places
8. Go over to Maps
9. Go down to CREATE MAP
10. Click Import in blue
11. Either drag and drop your saved TAL into the box or click select a file and find your TAL
12. Click any box that has to do with the address
13. Click Finish in blue
14. Click the column you want to be the title – customer name
15. Click finish in blue
16. Viola! Your map is uploaded

There may be some addresses that do not match up with Google maps – you can fix those – they will NOT show up on your map until you fix them!

Click Open Table Data
Under the address column you can delete and replace what is in that column with the actual address. For example:

I will click on that and enter an actual street address – (I usually just look it up on google) As you replace them with a street address the red caution triangle will go away. Do that for each and then these accounts will show up on your map too.

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