Territory: WVA, VA, KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, and FL

Link 2 Sales, founded in 2003, is committed to helping our retail and vendor partners grow and this philosophy has made Link 2 Sales one of the premier reg agencies in the United States. The team focuses on providing an invaluable service to customers through honesty and reliability. The showroom is known for a diversified vendor portfolio with tremendous selections in gifts, garden items, jewelry, ladies’ fashion and accessories, licensed goods, and functional everyday products. There is something for every type of retail environment. Link 2 Sales offers a unique “planned approach” to selling that benefits retail and vendor partners.

Link 2 Sales Contacts:
VP Sales: Josh Campbell
Showroom/Operations Manager: Chris Fields and Monica Cook

LINK 2 SALES SHOWROOMS–16th Floor, Bldg. 2
40 John Portman Blvd, NW Suite 1600
Atlanta, GA 30303