logo_small_63Almost all states have declared a state of emergency and the SBA is making available some great loan programs to help you through this time.  These can be loans up to two million dollars for thirty years with a max interest rate of 3.75%.

Disaster loan relief for small biz can be found here: SBA Disaster Relief

More information on the disaster relief program including criteria and applications can be found on this PDF: SBA Loan Information


FHFAlogoThe Federal Housing Finance Agency is reminding lenders of their right/obligation to amend mortgage payment responsibilities.

Learn more about these programs here: FHFA Website



It is time to start focusing back on the revenue stream.  The Link Companies has partnered with Comment Sold to help get you selling again.

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Coronavirus Strategy

by Cris Willis

While you have been living through this stressful time these past couple of weeks, the news and information changes every day.  Here are some thoughts on what you can be doing now to help weather the storm:

  1. If you have had to shut your doors consider Selling Live on Facebook and offering curbside pickup, shipping or local delivery. If your doors are still open, but traffic is light you should also consider Social Selling!  Here is a webinar with lots of great ideas. (The sound does not work for the 1st 2 minutes, but she starts over.  This proves you do not need to worry about being perfect, just do it!):  Click here for the Go Live & Sell on Social Workshophttp://zpr.io/trkK4


  1. Stay up to date on the Coronavirus & Independent Retail through this forum with information on Cash Flow in a Crisis, Social Selling on Facebook, Clienteling and so much more. Click Here to connect:  https://whizbangtraining.com/af/coronavirus?af=1686521


  1. Remember you are the Role Model in your business, family and community. You need to purposefully set your emotional tone for how you are going to handle this.  Then you must have conversations with your associates and family to help keep them calm.  You will have a down day/pity party at some point and that is OK, allow yourself that time and then Pick Yourself UP and Get Going.  The only way to deal with Stress is with Action!


  1. Focus on your health. Now is the time to eat right, exercise and start meditating/and or focus on your faith in prayer.  These are areas of your life you can take control of and make great gains over these next crazy weeks.


  1. Now is the time to do all of those things you have not had time to do: Update your Website, Start or Update your Online Store, Write or Update your Employee Manual, Remerchandise your store, Start a Clienteling Program, Start Selling Live on Social Media, etc.


  1. One last bit of advice. Do not try to walk through this alone.  This Facebook Page is a forum of hundreds of Retail Stores all sharing information and helping each other.  Check it out:  http://zpr.io/tC4RF


  1. If you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent to, I am here for you. I owned my own retail store for 26 years and am now a Retail Coach with WhizBang! Training.  If you want to run your ideas by my husband and myself, we are here to help you free of charge for a call.  Just reach out via the email or phone number above.

Cris Willis                          cwillis@retailclarity.com                          404-405-7996