Cheryl Cohen

Phone: 631-804-1561
Hometown: Elwood, NY
What year did you get started in the industry: I started in the industry in 1996!
Tell us about your family, significant other, children, and pets:
Barry, my husband, is both a CPA & an attorney & has his own practice. I have 2 boys, Jordan who is engaged to get married & he owns his own business Cognitive English & Brett works in New York City for a technology company operating in online brand management. I have 2 stepchildren, Cheryl, who is a teacher & Jared who is a doctor & I have 4 grandchildren: Landon 10 Caleb 5 Dylan 3 Spencer 1
What are your hobbies outside of work:
Outside of work, I love spending time with my kids & my grandchildren watching them playing sports & I love to cook! I also love reading & belong to a book club & I love to travel!!