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Why Blog?

Coffee Cafe


Most businesses in today’s internet-focused landscape do have their own website. There are plenty of ways to make a website appealing to potential customers, but one often overlooked opportunity is a blog. A blog can be something as simple as a quick weekly article promoting the business and products, about the team, a glimpse into the inner workings of the business, or even helpful tips for your customers. With so many potential topics, it’s fairly easy to maintain a blog, though so many businesses disregard its potential power.

Here are five reasons why a Blog is an excellent tool for your business:

  1. Increases your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).¬†When someone does a search for you on Google, or any other browser, how likely are you to show up? Some lucky stores and businesses have a one-of-a-kind name and show up right away. But others need to work a little harder to pop up when someone searches “small boutique” and the town’s name. Writing a blog with useful and interesting content is a great way to get your website and store in the eye of the Googler.
  2. Engage with Content. As mentioned previously, the better your content is in the blog, the more you will keep readers coming back for more. Think about an average Monday. How many times are you distracted at work? Most people get tired of looking at their social media feeds and want something else to check out. Offer up tips, tricks, new looks, product information – really, anything that you think will engage your specific audience to gain a repeated readership.
  3. Engagement with your Customers. Have a contest on your blog! Your readers can potentially win a gift card, or a gift basket from your store if they read the blog and enter to win. Be creative with this. Your customers want to feel like more than a simple transaction. A blog is a great way to share stories about people shopping in store (favorite regulars), or to get feedback on the store or business.
  4. Link to your Social Media. Maybe you’re already a wiz at social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Or, maybe you need a little help gaining followers on these channels. If a customer is on your website, be sure to link to your social media feeds from the website and/or blog. Contests like the one mentioned in the last tip can be run through Facebook or Instagram. Or, you can take a simple Facebook post and add much more content to it by creating a link to a new blog article!
  5. Sell More! The bottom line is to utilize your website to increase business. Blogging gives you an easy opportunity to highlight products and, in turn, sell more. Have a monthly blog featuring brand new items to your store. Or, do what we did and send out a blast about the best sellers. Customers always want to know what everyone else is buying – show them on your blog. And be sure to give your personal favorites as suggestions, too. Link to your ecommerce site or give instructions on how to buy.